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Getting to Know HTML (111)

  • Class Highlights:
    • HTML Core Concepts
    • Text Elements
    • Adding Images and Media
    • Hyperlinks
    • Tabular Data
    • Document Formatting
    • New HTML 5 Page Elements
    • Preparing for CSS
    • Special Characters

  • Class Description:
    HTML is used in many types of electronic documents from web pages to eBooks. Knowing the basics of HTML code is an essential skill for all designers in this modern age.

    This class focuses on the essentials of HTML as it is used in websites — a great way to start learning HTML. Learn how HTML codes relate to the visible page. Learn to format text, code hyperlinks, add graphics and media, use structural tags, and markup pages to work with CSS.

    The goal of this class is to teach you to understand, read, and edit HTML, not to code in HTML extensively. Today most HTML is software generated or created with the assist of WYSIWYG editors. Knowing the basics of HTML makes it easier to manage the creation process and to adjust the code when necessary.

    This class is for non–programmers, ideal for those new to HTML and digital publishing.

    No Prerequisite:

    This class starts with a basic introduction to the core language for publishing to websites and many kinds of digital devices.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 1 day
  • Class cost: $495.00
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