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WordPress Codeless Customization (152)

  • Class Highlights:
    • Evaluating & Extending WordPress Themes
    • Using the WordPress Theme Customizer
    • Extending the WordPress Theme Customizer
    • Incorporating Custom Fonts
    • Building Site Navigation
    • Using Plugins to Extend WordPress
    • Customizing Theme CSS
    • Using & Customizing Post Formats
    • How Customizations fit into the WordPress System
    • How Child Themes Preserve Customizations

  • Class Description:

    The more you know the more you will get out of WordPress. This class shows you how to greatly expand the design possibilities of a WordPress website without writing a bit of code.

    Many designers hesitate to explore website design because they think it requires complicated coding or accepting pre-made design themes with little opportunity for creativity. The good news is that the WordPress Theme Customizer (WTC) greatly increases the design possibilities available to designers who do not want to code. This class will show you codeless techniques to reshape theme designs to meet your — or your client’s — design requirements.

    The WTC is one of the most exciting recent WordPress developments. WTC enables designers to alter a WordPress website’s colors, fonts, and layout using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is WhatYou Get) interface. Changes made in the WTC are immediately visible on screen, but not visible to website visitors until published.

    The WTC is increasingly important due to the push for all themes to work with WTC. Effective immediately, inclusion of themes in the WordPress Theme Library requires WTC compatibility and older themes that fail to support WTC will be dropped by the end of 2015.

    Join the millions of web developers and designers who are crazy about WordPress. Discover why WordPress has become the dominant website content management system and why it continues to grow in popularity.

    This class shows designers how to make the most of the WTC. The class begins with a survey of many popular themes that already work with the WTC. You will learn how to use the WTC with these themes. How any theme can work with the WTC. Learn what theme characteristics are most important when selecting a theme to build on. Learn to extend the capabilities of the basic WTC.

    Learn the fine points of incorporating a wide range of web fonts into your designs and how the WTC simplifies the use of fonts. How to build elaborate site navigation with drag-and-drop ease. How to add special functions with plug-ins and customize their appearance. Learn to setup WordPress to display different content with different styles.

    We’ll also teach you a bit about how WordPress is organized so you’ll understand how customization works and how to preserve your work through software and theme upgrades.


    This class assumes understanding of the basic management of WordPress websites (e.g. creating posts and pages, using themes). If you are completely new to WordPress, please take Getting to Know WordPress first.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 2 days
  • Class cost: $975.00
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