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InCopy Workflow (342)

  • Class Highlights:
    • InCopy Page Structure
    • InCopy File System Setup
    • Workflow Choices
    • Managed Content
    • Assignments
    • File Check Out/In
    • Story, Galley, Layout Views
    • Spelling; Custom Dictionary; Thesaurus
    • Find & Change
    • Lists; Footnotes
    • Paragraph & Character Styles
    • Importing Copy
    • Editorial Notes
    • H&J; Composition; Copyfitting
    • Track Changes

  • Class Description:
    InCopy enables a collaborative workflow where writers, editors, and layout artists work on the same InDesign layout at the same time without overwriting each other’s work. This eliminates production bottlenecks caused by waiting for access to pages. The major benefit is that publications can be produced in less time.

    InCopy also costs less than buying InDesign for every staff member.

    InCopy provides writers and editors with a fully-featured word processor with change tracking and editorial notes. Writers and editors work using exact publication typography with an accurate view of line breaks and copyfit information. This makes it easy to write to fit available space.

    The benefits of InCopy come at a price: staff must learn how to work together and workflow must be rearranged to take advantage of InCopy’s features. This class will show you how adapt your work methods to be successful with InCopy.

    This Class is for Workgroups
    Because InCopy is a collaboration tool, this class is only taught to entire workgroups of writers, editors, and layout artists attending the same class. Individual registrations are not accepted. Students producing different publications will not be mixed into the same class. Please call us for group pricing and class scheduling.

    This class should be taught using pages from your publication and we invite you to provide us with your publication files. Please provide us with your files sufficiently in advance for our staff to study your publication and adapt your files to the needs of the class.

    TJP&A Consulting
    Switching to an InCopy workflow can get complicated and require changes to both your workflow and computer configuration. If you need more assistance than this class provides, TJP&A can provide on-site consulting assistance to smooth your transition.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 1 day
  • Class cost: special pricing, please call us at (202) 656-1725
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