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Rich Media with Edge Animate (231)

  • Class Highlights:
  • • Setting and viewing the Stage
  • • Drawing tools
  • • Masking and trimming elements
  • • Importing art and images
  • • Element Properties
  • • Timeline actions
  • • Triggers
  • • Buttons
  • • Adding your composition to HTML pages
  • • Added Javascript tricks
  • • Making your composition responsive
  • • Publishing your project in multiple environments

  • Class Description:

    The best way to add engaging animation and rich interactivity to web and mobile device publications is HTML5. The old way, Flash, is in decline because Adobe dropped Flash support for mobile platforms in 2011. Today, more and more web sites are moving to HTML5 because it provides a single format that works for both mobile and desktop computers. HTML5 is also the way to create widgets for the new tablet media: DPS e-magazines and iBooks.

    One of the easiest methods for creating HTML5 animations is Adobe’s Edge Animate. It provides a drag-and-drop interface that will quickly get your content working on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

    While similar to Flash, Edge Animate is an entirely new product with a bit of learning curve. We'll show you how to leverage the power of this new tool to create content that works reliably across mobile devices and modern desktop browsers. You can even define a fallback state for browsers that are not yet up to date. You'll learn all the tools and features of the software hands-on while creating a banner ad, a rotating banner, interactive image galleries, and more.

    Using the Timeline, you'll add motion to graphics and HTML, complete with transitions and easing. Create Flash-style animations that are built using open web standards like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. While the software does the coding for you, learn how to take control of the result with a few minor tweaks. Push the limit a little further with some small Javascript tricks. Publish your project as a whole or as part of an existing web page. Make your project responsive so it adapts well to a multitude of screen sizes. Export projects in formats that are compatible with Adobe's Digital Publishing System and iBooks Author, as well as responsive web sites.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 2 days
  • Class cost: $975.00
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