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Illustrator Advanced


Getting to Know Illustrator (261)

  • Class Highlights:

    • Illustrator Overview
    • Tools Overview
    • Basic Shapes
    • Shape Terminology
    • Working with Shapes
    • Colors, Fills and Strokes
    • Working with Text
    • Save, Export and Print

  • Class Description:
    Start here if you are new to Illustrator. This class gets you quickly up to speed with Illustrator’s interface, basic tools, shape drawing, creating text, coloring objects, and will teach you some common Illustrator uses.

    Learn to set up a page and start an illustration. How to efficiently navigate the drawing space. Quickly zoom in for detail and zoom out for a full view. Use one window for drawing and another to preview your printed artwork. Printing images. Saving in various file formats to work with other programs and appliations.

    Learn to draw and manipulate basic shapes, combining them to create eye-catching images, Create simple paths with the Pen tool. Combine and modify rectangles and ovals to create interesting shapes. Work with filled and unfilled objects. Quickly select objects, parts of objects, or single points. How to quickly duplicate and position objects. Use Scale, Rotate, Reflect and other transformation tools. The interesting drawing possibilities of stacked and layered objects. Working with guidelines.

    Learn how to set type and set text attributes. Point text vs. area text. Text on a path. Create a logotype and learn the professional way to deliver a finished job to clients.

    How to define colors and use Illustrator’s built–in color libraries. Mix and save new colors. How to apply colors and different kinds of gradient fills.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 1 day
  • Class cost: $495.00
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