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Photoshop Fixing Photos (253)

  • Class Highlights:

    • Quickly Fix Poor/Bad/Sad Pics
    • Boost Contrast for Richer Detail
    • Make Color Corrections and Solve Common Color Problems
    • Image Corrections Using Layer Masks
    • Retouching Techniques
    • Targeting Pix for Print, Web & Retina Display
    • Photoshop Settings and Monitor Calibration Issues

    Photos on paper don’t match your screen?

    Got handed a batch of terrible snapshots?

    Is your e-book taking forever to download?

    ...We can help.

  • Class Description:
    Learn to use Photoshop's wide array of powerful tools to fix imperfections and get the best possible image from whatever. Make good pictures better. Rescue flat, lifeless photos. Make your photos pop off the page or screen.

    We’ll show you how to keep your shadows from plugging up, your highlights from washing out, and how to control and correct colors. Take control of color corrections with layers and edit only the pixels that need fixing.

    Learn why images on screen never match the image on paper and how to properly correct images for print without relying on what you see on screen. Learn to control CMYK separations and manage ink coverage. Make the best of web images by applying long established principles to images intended for (RGB) screen display.

    Learn to use the new tools introduced in recent Photoshop versions that make eliminating color casts quick and easy. How to use adjustment layers and layer blending modes to enhance image correction. Use layer masks to specify and manipulate adjusted areas. Employ silhouetting techniques. Easily remove imperfections with new variations on old standbys. De-emphasize backgrounds with depth-of-focus adjustments. Employ advanced retouching techniques to go beyond every day touch-ups.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 2 days
  • Class cost: $975.00
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