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1627 K St NW, Suite 5034, Washington DC 20006

Illustrator Advanced (262)

  • Class Highlights:

    • Curve Drawing with the Pen Tool
    • Adjusting Points, Strokes, & Cusps
    • Drawing Techniques
    • Object Selection Methods
    • Path Operations & Transformations
    • Working with Color
    • Masking & Clipping
    • Stacks & Layers
    • Perspective Drawing & 3-D
    • Gradient Mesh Tool

    “Even though I had been using Illustrator for years, this class answered many nagging questions I had about drawing with points and segments.”

  • Class Description:
    Get beyond the basics. This class covers the twists and turns of curve drawing, manipulating objects, object shading, transparency effects, and more.

    Learn the fine points of drawing with line segments, anchor points, paths, and strokes. Gain understanding of how Beziér curves work. Learn advanced shape techniques like merging and blending.

    Use distortion tools. Learn to expand and simplify drawings. Employ masks and clipping paths. Use Pathfinders to combine shapes. Learn powerful gradient mesh techniques. Convert flat objects into 3–D.

    Use symbols to speed work with multiple object instances. Use tracing to convert raster images to vectors. Using the symbol sprayer.

    How to deliver and print vector drawings effectively.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 1 day
  • Class cost: $495.00
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