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ePUB Appealing Pages (344)

  • Class Highlights:
    • Typography controls
    • Drop caps and lead-in text
    • Text alignment
    • Indents, block quotes, etc.
    • Controlling page breaks
    • Keeping text together
    • How fonts work; font embedding dos and dont’s
    • Special characters, Unicode, etc.
    • Hyphenation issues
    • Image Captions
    • Sidebars and other non-threaded elements
    • Placing images accurately
    • Wrapping text
    • Image Captions
    • Sidebars and other non-threaded text
    • Improving CSS/HTML output
    • Setting up book cover art
    • Adding metadata
    • Working around eReader limitations

  • Class Description:

    Learn how to make your ePUBs look great. Understand how InDesign layouts translate into ePUB format. Learn to avoid common ePUB production mistakes and produce the best possible result. Reduce the amount of post-export editing required with how you handle the elements within your InDesign layout.

    Many eBooks sold today are frankly embarrassing, leaving buyers wondering what they are paying for. It doesn't have to be that way. This class shows what causes problems and what to do about it. Learn how to setup your pages so as to produce the best results when translated into ePUB format. Discover formatting methods that work reliably and those that cause problems. Learn layout methods that simplify your work and best avoid problems. Keep your post export work to a minimum with layout techniques that avoid the ePUB formatting issues which require a lot of work or a poor-looking result.


    InDesign basics and some knowledge of HTML and CSS. An understanding of the basic ePUB workflow.

    This class is part of a series. If you are unfamiliar with HTML/CSS, take EPUB Essential HTML and CSS first.

    If you are completely new to creating ePUBs, first take ePUB Technology & Workflow Workshop first.

    This class is also provided through the Institute at GPO
    U.S. Government Publishing Office. Keeping America Informed.
    Training at the Institute is available for government employees only.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 1 day
  • Class cost: $495.00
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