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Getting to Know Digital Video (272)

  • Class Highlights:
    • iMovie & Video Production Overview
    • Importing & Organizing Media: Video Logging & Tagging
    • Stabilizing Shaky Footage
    • Color Correction
    • Editing, Trimming, Merging, & Splitting
    • Creating Cutaways
    • Creating Picture-in-Picture Effects
    • Producing Greenscreen Effects
    • Adding Text, Titles & Graphics
    • Creating Transitions & Adding Special Effects
    • Adding Audio & Creating Voiceovers (The Right Way)
    • Using Beatmarkers to Coordinate Video and Audio
    • Exporting & Uploading Video for the Web: YouTube, iTunes, or your own web site
    • Exporting & Uploading Video for Mobile Devices: iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.
    • Class Project: Create your own video using clips from our library or your own content
    • Followup: We’ll be there for you after class to assist with your projects (see limitations)

  • Class Description:
    Wherever you look – web sites, iPads, and smartphones – video is increasingly used to engage and communicate. Short online video segments are multiplying on business, association, and government websites – even on the websites of print publishers. How come?

    • Video is effective
    • Video has become much easier to create
    • Modern networks easily deliver video to viewers

    The easiest way to produce such videos is to use Apple’s iMovie. It’s the right tool for the job. Uncomplicated. Fast. Inexpensive. Not burdened with complexities intended for TV and Hollywood productions. iMovie is exactly right for the web and mobile.

    TJP&A’s Digital Video with iMovie class will quickly get you up to speed with the knowledge and skills to create quality videos that deliver real value.

    Bring your own video with you on a flash drive.
    Bring a flash drive (4GB or more) to take your project with you.

    Why iMovie instead of that fancy-pants $1000 NLE?
    Some will insist that you need one of those $1000 NLE programs. Our experience is that iMovie is quicker and more effective for the kinds of videos a comm department is likely to produce. The “big” programs typically take more time to do the same job.

    Here is a link to a very professional 20-minute video one of our students produced using iMovie. You be the judge. iMovie is Awesome!

    Prerequisites: None
  • Platform: This class is taught on the Macintosh computer only
  • Class length: 2 days
  • Class cost: $975.00
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