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Tablet Publishing with InDesign Digital Publishing Suite (350)

  • Class Highlights:
    • Digital publishing overview: software, hardware, gatekeepers, tollbooths, options, alternatives
    • Document Design: layout requirements, screen dimensions, interactive components
    • Adding Interactivity: hyperlinks, slideshows, panoramas, videos, scrollable content, buttons, etc.
    • Articles and Folio Files: layout pairs, creating articles, article properties, managing articles, previewing, testing
    • Assemble and Publish: use Folio Producer Organizer to assemble articles into a Folio file
    • In-Class Project: Create a small digital magazine and transfer to an iPad
    Note: Adobe has recently changed the pricing tiers for publishing with this system. Single Edition licenses are no longer available without a multi-issue app subscription (starting at $4,500 per year). Call us to discuss whether this is the right option for your publication and we'll make sure you are scheduled for the right class.

  • Class Description:

    Publish magazines and newspapers to iPad, Android and other tablet devices. Create both print and digital editions using a single cross-media tool. Leverage the InDesign software you already own and the skills you already have. Add controls, slide shows, panoramas, and other exciting interactive features. Do it all without writing a single line of code.

    Start with all of the professional design capabilities of InDesign. Add in the many new interactivity features. InDesign’s Digital Publishing Suite provides a very efficient environment for designing content for the iPad and other tablet devices. This class will guide you through assembling a publishing production system for magazine apps, creating a digital magazine layout, incorporating interactive layout features, and loading the magazine you created onto an iPad for display.

    We suggest that you bring your iPad to class with you (or you can share ours).

    A Note About Apps, PDFs, ePUBs, & HTML5:
    Apps are one of several routes to putting your content on tablets. This class covers apps, which are currently getting the most attention and generating the most excitement. Simpler to create, but not as exciting, is the long-established PDF format, which can be highly interactive, but has a mouse-based user interface (see class #141f). ePUBs are great for tablets, but are better suited for book-oriented, ’reflowable’ content, with less flashy layouts and interactivity (see ePUBs Series). Apple iBook Author produces an advanced form of ePUB that preserves page layouts and includes many dynamic and interactive elements (see class #351). In the future HTML5 will offer capabilities similar to apps plus distribution to more devices, however it is still too early to commit to this technology (follow us for news of a future class). In the future, publishers and designers must be adept at all these alternatives to produce media for a wide variety of applications.

    Adobe DPS vs. Apple iBooks Author: If you are producing a publication solely for the iPad, Apple iBooks Author may be a better choice, see iPad Publishing with Apple iBooks Author.


    This class assumes good InDesign layout skills. If you are not experienced with InDesign, take our Getting to Know InDesign class.


    These features are new to InDesign CS 5 and 5.5. Earlier versions of InDesign can not be used for DPS publishing.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 2 days
  • Class cost: $975.00
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